Tumbleweed Hills Hide and Seek

Map Description:
This is a map that is based in the early 1800′s when cowboys and the wild west were still around. Tumbleweed hills is a regular western town with its saloons and department stores. But this regular town has been changed into a hide and seek map. Will you be able to hide and not be caught by the sheriff? This is a hide and seek map so if you get a green vest from the randomizer you are a hider, if you get red you are a seeker. Hiders will get a seeker vest, seeker stick, and a hider stick. you will not be able to use the seeker gear untill caught by the seeker. The hiders will get 1 minute to hide. Remember, if you are making a video on this map, make sure to link my YouTube Channel, StrangeCarrot31, in the description! Thank you guys for all the amazing support on all my other maps! We currently have 2000+ Downloads! Anyway, hopefully you enjoy this map and have a great day! :)

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Hide and Seek

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