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Raid – Zombies

Map Description:
This is a recreation of the Black Ops II Map: “Raid”. N11cK did the recreation of the map. I, Y2G Gaming, added the Call of Duty Zombies style survival game to it. I spent nearly 2 weeks on this. If you drop underneath the map you can see all the Redstone I put together to make this work. This map is just like Call of Duty Zombies, it’s has all the same basic features and even a very fun Easter Egg…

All Features:

Waves of Zombies, weapons you can buy off of the wall, food you can buy, doors, the Mystery Box, Pack-a-Punch(just an enchantment table, but you can get enchanted weapons from the box), Totem of Undying(just like quick revive when playing cod zombies solo), buyable armor set(closest I could get to juggernog), and Storyline Easter Egg…
Zombie Flesh is the currency(what you buy stuff with)…

You are in the post apocolyptic world where an infection took over the living. You are trying to find the reason as to what caused the virus. You travel to an old Wizards Tower from the year 1856. You discover the dark history of what the Old Wizard unleashed onto this world. You must escape into the purity where to virus hasn’t spread…

I don’t have a recording of the zombified version of the world so all i can provide is the old videos of the map before i added zombies, its not too different just a new tower with a few things altered around the map…
WARNING: The map WILL lag, especially on old gen consoles. 1 to 2 players max for ps3/360…

Pick up your starting kit from the Schuller boxes, read all the signs and flip that lever to begin.
Have a good one!
- Y2G Gaming
(I do have a YouTube channel I just don’t have info about this map on it, maybe in the future I will)

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Region(Playstation Only) US, EU, or BOTH:

Image(s) or Video(s):
This was the map before I added zombies: JORIS_LOL:
I have no way of showing the map now, best bet is to just download and play

Map Creator(s):
N11cK & Y2G Gaming

Map Type(s):
Survival, Adventure, zombies

Top 5 Submission?:

Raid – Zombies 4.00/5 (80.00%) 9 votes