Map Description:
One dark, stormy night, your ship becomes attacked by pirates. You are a pirate yourself but all of them take whatever booty they can! Before the ship explodes, you abandon ship and swim toward light in the distance. It’s an island. After washing up on shore, you soon find out it’s not just an island. There be death everywhere. Undead occupy the island, infecting everyone with their bite. Your goal is to survive by finding food and weapons, barter for as much gold as ye can, discover the island’s long lost treasure, and kill the man who spread the disease which now consumes everything on the island. Explore the Island as much as you want. There’s loot in every chest, quests around every corner, and secrets in every cave! This is the biggest Adventure Map ever created with the most quests, secrets, and detail put into everything!

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Map Creator(s):
Mutant Marine

Map Type(s):
Adventure Map

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Stranded 4.89/5 (97.78%) 9 votes