Map Description:
[This map pack is dedicated to Scott Cawthon's fans, Thank You my fellow friends for helping me with this map pack,even though I did some the maps by myself] Hey guys, welcome back and today i will be giving a new special FNAF Map Pack(All Maps are recreated and some are new!)I will put MY FNAF MAps 1-4 In the downloads below . I hope you guys will play my maps and enjoy them! Play them with your friends. I will be happy if you show a video on youtube based on My FNaF maps. I will be making more maps, not just minigames. ENjoy!!!! :) Ooh wait FNaF 1 has some secret places ..i hope you find them all. Try ur best…!!!!! BYe! {FNAF4 Map: the boy has to stay in his room at all times. NM Animatronics cannot walk into his room but only foxy can enter the closet without the boy knowing. Boy must go next to the door and hear for sounds.

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FNaF Map Timeline:
FNaF 4: www.dropbox.com/sh/hcqqo53nl521c7u/AADzJqL8wMo27ERtc81XBXiDa?dl=0
FNaF 2: www.dropbox.com/sh/w2aow0s3na4dc7e/AADnp1Ju9N5a4iqQQZlYOja5a?dl=0
FNaF 1: www.dropbox.com/sh/ftjoqzoh25aq1xm/AADkskwZvCL4O-gOgNsjGEWda?dl=0
FNaF 3: www.dropbox.com/sh/bfw9mgjwqjk4sp3/AABcLcQllyeZwNSPrA1eySvna?dl=0

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None, Sorry :( Enjoy ThE MaPS!

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My PSN; XxCam2BeAsTyYxX
Add me! Don’t have PS4, Ill see

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MiniGames Of FNaF!!!!

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-NeW FNaF MaP Pack! 1-4 (PS3/PS4 MAP DOWNLOAD!!)SPECIAL!!!! 2.83/5 (56.67%) 6 votes