Map Description:
[This map pack is dedicated to Scott Cawthon's fans, Thank You my fellow friends for helping me with this map pack,even though I did some the maps by myself] Hey guys, welcome back and today i will be giving a new special FNAF Map Pack(All Maps are recreated and some are new!)I will put MY FNAF MAps 1-4 In the downloads below . I hope you guys will play my maps and enjoy them! Play them with your friends. I will be happy if you show a video on youtube based on My FNaF maps. I will be making more maps, not just minigames. ENjoy!!!! :) Ooh wait FNaF 1 has some secret places ..i hope you find them all. Try ur best…!!!!! BYe!

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FNaF Map Timeline:
FNaF 4: www.dropbox.com/sh/hcqqo53nl521c7u/AADzJqL8wMo27ERtc81XBXiDa?dl=0
FNaF 2: www.dropbox.com/sh/w2aow0s3na4dc7e/AADnp1Ju9N5a4iqQQZlYOja5a?dl=0
FNaF 1: www.dropbox.com/sh/ftjoqzoh25aq1xm/AADkskwZvCL4O-gOgNsjGEWda?dl=0
FNaF 3: www.dropbox.com/sh/bfw9mgjwqjk4sp3/AABcLcQllyeZwNSPrA1eySvna?dl=0

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Image(s) or Video(s):
None, Sorry :( Enjoy ThE MaPS!

Map Creator(s):
My PSN; XxCam2BeAsTyYxX
Add me! Don’t have PS4, Ill see

Map Type(s):
MiniGames Of FNaF!!!!

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-NeW FNaF MaP Pack! 1-4 (PS3/PS4 MAP DOWNLOAD!!)SPECIAL!!!! 2.50/5 (50.00%) 4 votes