Nacht See Untoten

Map Description:
Just like the classic… built by me from scratch, took about 2 days, or just about 10 hours…

I tried to fit in some good features such as: a Mystery Box, a round counter, buyable doors, buyable weapons, buyable food, and even a set of armor you can buy to simulate Juggernog…

Everything will have signs indicating their prices and such…

There is a max of about 160 or 170 rounds, but don’t worry you’ll never make it that far it is impossible (seriously, way too hard)…

You can play up to 8 players, that is the max Minecraft console allows on a LAN server so I set up 8 starter kits, 1 for each player… I recommend playing with friends because by yourself it is difficult yo make it past round 40…

This map was built on ps3 so I know how bad the lag is, and if you are willing to work through the lag you can have a fun experience with 2 and maybe 3 players, but ps4 should be a breeze for 8…

Enjoy & Have Fun, i was also the creator for the Raid – Zombies map uploaded on this website not too long ago, that one isn’t nearly as hard but it has a fun Easter egg, check it out, try searching “Raid”…

Take a look at the outside scenery on this Nacht Der Untoten map, I tried to make it nice, it’s not exactly like the original, actually quite different but I tried to simulate a military hideout in the woods, I think it came out nice, but anyways… Enjoy the map…

YT: Y2G Gaming
On My YouTube Channel I explain how to create the Mystery Box, check it out if you were curious.

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Map Creator(s):
Y2G Gaming

Map Type(s):
Adventure, Survival, Zombies, Creation

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Nacht See Untoten 2.20/5 (44.00%) 5 votes