Mineraft PS3 Disc Chest UHC Survival

Map Description:
This a very difficult “how long can you survive” type map. All the things you need yo know are in game.
If you can get to the end good.
I built a portal to the end in the tiny mesa island.
This is only made for Minecraft PS3 on disc because A:Thats what I play on and B:Because i dont think that there is enough maps for the disc version exclusively.
I might get a Digital Download soon.
Make sure to sub to my YT channel:

Map Download Link(s):

Region(Playstation Only) US, EU, or BOTH:

Image(s) or Video(s):
None for now will post vid soon though.

Map Creator(s):
YT: KC CRAFTER , PSN: Gen-_-Paradox

Map Type(s):
Ultra HardCore(UHC)

Top 5 Submission?:

Mineraft PS3 Disc Chest UHC Survival 3.20/5 (64.00%) 5 votes