Legend Crafters Server Version 1.5 (Halloween)

Map Description:
This is a Minecraft PlayStation Mini Game Server currently with 22 different mini games, here they are:
-Bow Spleef
-Hide & Seek
-1 & 5 Layer Spleef
-Death Run
-Turf Wars
-Sky Wars
-Mob Arena
-TNT Run
-Long Parkour
There is also a More Mini-Game section, including:
-Halloween Sky Wars
-Biome Hunger Games
-Advanced Maze
-TNT Dome
-Capture The Flag
-King of The Ladder
-Escape The Lab
-All Vs All Bow Battle
-Cactus Stack
-End Fight!
That’s only what’s there now with lots left to come! This is convertible so it is also available on Xbox Platforms too! All of the LC Team wish you a very Happy Halloween as well as a good time on our server! Enjoy!

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Region(Playstation Only) US, EU, or BOTH:

Image(s) or Video(s):
Not currently available….keep an eye on theoctogamer on YouTube for any news!

Map Creator(s):
jdwdrfc (PSN) theoctogamer (YouTube)
Credit to helpers is in the map!

Map Type(s):
Server/Mini-Games (22)

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Legend Crafters Server Version 1.5 (Halloween) 4.20/5 (84.00%) 10 votes