Insomnia : The Cellar

Map Description:
This map has a thrilling story with thrilling characters . It contains jumpscares. Map maker has spent a lot of time making it and it is the time to play it. It has the effects of flickering lights and darkness . Map maker – GOOFY rider2. Story – You have insomnia which means unability to sleep, and stranded in a forest or whatever you want to call it. i am not telling the whole story . As you know console maps are not too scary and command blocks are not introduced in MCPS3 , but i did my best . I dont have too much of screenshots not even a screen recorder for minecraft playstation 3 but i uploaded the Thumbnail image, waiting for your approval, THANK YOU !

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GOOFY rider2

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Insomnia : The Cellar 4.50/5 (90.00%) 4 votes