Five Nights At Freddy’s 3!

Map Description:
READ THIS:Hey guys i hope u enjoy my map its really cool and a lot of stuff. not to excite u but the map looks the exact like! the system restart was hard to make but its cool my opinion . thank u guys so much and with the help of only and trustful best friend, i will put his name in the map creator too. and ENJOY!!! REMEMBER: if ur a Security guard ur gamma should be on 45%. if ur a animatronic gamma should be 100%. if the animatronic kills u then u become the animatronic and ur psn friend will become a security guard. look carefully in the map because i scrambled all the animatronics. remember, if the security guard sees the animatronic , the animatronic cant move , but if security doesnt see it all thenn the security guard dies. animatronics can not kill security guard in the cameras and vent cameras. the camera tablet is not really useful its just a additional to the map to make it look cooler.BYe!

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Map Creator(s):
Cameron The Minecraft Gamer
Psn: XxCam2beastxX
My Friend Psn: Bearcoonsplat

Map Type(s):
Mini-Game/ Adventure

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Five Nights At Freddy’s 3! 4.00/5 (80.00%) 12 votes